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Pavers made from natural stone are usually referred to as stone pavers or paving stones. They are a popular choice for garden walkways and paths, driveways and courtyard and patio areas.  Stone pavers are usually extracted from a quarry or rock outcrops and unlike brick and concrete paver, don’t involve a manufacturing processes, where raw materials are mixed and fired to create the paver.

Stone pavers or paving stones come in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes with the large variety of different types of stone found naturally.  Rocks types mined for stone pavers include  Marble, Limestone, Flagstone, Sandstone, Slate, Granite, and  Bluestone.  The stone type best suited to you will depend upon the intended use, your design and the look or appearance you want to create. If you are planning to use a stone paver for vehicle use, then you will need to use strong, durable stone pavers such as granite. You may also need to take  into account design considerations, with some stone pavers being irregular in shape and size and hence not being very practical and costly to install for certain applications such as developing an entertainment area. Individual paving stones can make an attractive garden path and are simple and straight forward to install.

Stone pavers are generally more expensive than manufactured concrete and brick pavers because they require mining and often cutting to make into a suitable paving product. They can however really enhance an outdoor or garden area due to their natural, long lasting colours and variations in appearance. However with advances in manufacturing techniques, many concrete pavers now look very similar to an equivalent stone paver.  One such paving product is Europave’s Vienna Cobble™, a concrete paver that is made to appear like the natural paving stones used for centuries throughout European cities. While maintaining the elegance and charm of European cobble,  Vienna Cobble™ is a much more affordable option than the natural stone equivalent.

As the cobblestones have been attached together using nylon cord they have a sturdy still flexible base, which makes them easy to install in curved areas without having to cut the pavers. This simplicity in installation saves time and money. If you would like to consider Vienna Cobble™  as a more affordable and practical alternative to stone pavers then checkout our website  for some great ideas on how you could use it for you next outdoor paving project.