Available colours for Vienna Cobble - Example shown sealedOur Vienna Cobble™ cobblestone pavers come in 3 colours LIMESTONE, TERRACOTTA and CHARCOAL as shown in the colour chart on the left.

Please note the example shown features cobblestone with a sealant applied, which produces the glossy effect. Also due to photographic limitations and the construction process this image is a guide, actual colours may vary.

Vienna Cobble™ is manufactured using a limestone base mix and is a strong, durable paver suitable for vehicle usage. The cobblestones come in sets, which are linked with a nylon cord making it very easy for installation and transportation. There are 3 versatile designs, they are;

Vienna Cobblcobblestone_pavers_straightse™ Straights
Cobblestone straights are perfect for any roadways, paths, driveways, pool surrounds or garden feature.

Vienna Cobble™cobblestone_pavers_fans Fans
Cobblestone fans are generally used to create a more decorative appearance that imitates the design often seen throughout Europe.

Vicobblestone_pavers_circleenna Cobble™ Circle
The circular feature can be applied decoratively or used as a surround for trees and posts. The circle design is extremely easily installed around trees and posts – you just need to cut the nylon cord linking the centre cobbles. As the tree grows subsequent rings of cobblestone can be readily cut away avoiding costly repairs due to lifting pavers.

Pave-Lok GePave-lok Gel Setl Set – For joint filling we recommend using Pave-Lok Gel Set. Pave-Lok is lightly bonded jointing sand specially formulated to allow rapid filling of vertical joints between flexible pavers. The benefits of Pave-Lok is that it helps retain integrity and stability of the joint, minimises rain and wind erosion, retards weed growth and is quick and easy to apply. One 20kg bag of Pave-Lok covers approximately 2.2sqm of cobble and is stocked by most of our resellers or can be purchased directly from Europave.