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Pavers that can be used specifically for building an outdoor poolside area, are referred to as “Pool Pavers”. In addition to choosing a paver that will enhance the look of your pool side area, it also important to choose pool paving that is slip resistant so that you know your family will be safe when using the swimming pool. If you own a salt water pool then you will also need to choose a pool paver that is salt resistant. Pool pavers should be sealed so that the paver joint sand / cement doesn’t wash into the pool and cause pump abrasion or the development of harmful bacteria.

If you’re looking for pool paving ideas which have a distinct and eye-catching appearance then Vienna Cobble™ is an ideal choice. Our striking, attractive, European style cobblestone will really transform your outdoor pool area and greatly enhance the valuation of your home.

Vienna Cobble™ is a hard-wearing, low-maintenance and in addition practical cobblestone paver which is ideally suited to paving pool side areas, as the irregular surface of the cobblestone makes it highly slip resistant. The cobblestone paver is available in a variety of colours, styles  and designs to enable a variety of pool paving designs and ideas. They create a gorgeous paving feature no matter whether used on their own or maybe together with other forms of pavers. View our webpage for some impressive pool paving ideas on how Vienna Cobble™ can be utilised around your pool area.

Because the cobblestones have been linked together by means of nylon cord they’ll posses a strong yet , extremely versatile bottom. This makes running the pavers quick, trouble-free, and excellent for a range of innovative paving layouts in particular rounded sections, commonly found around swimming pools. Europave’s cobblestone is also well suited to pool areas because it is strong, hard wearing and will retain its colour for a long time. Vienna Cobble™ is also salt resistant as it is made from cement and limestone, hence is well suited for salt water swimming pools.

For some exciting pool paving ideas and designs on how our Vienna Cobble™ could be used in you next pool paving assignment, check out our website.  If you need further instruction with the design or planning of your upcoming pool paving project, then simply give us a call or visit our qualified resellers, who will be more than happy to offer assistance.

For a pool paver that will deliver a touch of European stylishness and grace to your home, Vienna Cobble™ is the perfect alternative!