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If you are searching for paving ideas possessing a unique and striking appearance that will transform your home, then Vienna Cobble™ stands out as a superb option. Whether you’re researching paving ideas and paving designs for one’s pool, drive way, garden, back yard or outside patio our stunning, elegant, European design cobblestone is going to c transform your outdoor living area and boost the value of your property.

Vienna Cobble™ is a hard wearing, low-maintenance and practical, cobblestone paver which can be found in a selection of colours and shapes to fit many great paving ideas and applications. They make an appealing paving option irrespective of if applied on ones own or in conjunction with other types of pavers. Take a look at our home web site for some great paving ideas about the way Vienna Cobble™ can be used.

Because the cobblestones are linked together with nylon twine they posses a secure but also very flexible base. This makes laying the pavers quick, very easy, and excellent for  many types of artistic paving designs especially curved locations, such as garden features, trees and posts. Because the cobblestone is manufactured using cement and limestone, it is strong, durable and maintains it’s colour for a long time, while being more affordable than other similar paving ideas or options.

Be inspired for you next outdoor landscaping project by viewing the many innovative paving designs on our website using Vienna Cobble™. If you need help with the design and planning your paving project, then contact us or visit one of our approved resellers, who will be more than happy to provide advice.

For Paving Ideas and Paving Designs that will bring a touch of European style and elegance to your home, Vienna Cobble™ is the ideal choice!