Using pavers to transform your garden

If you are considering landscaping your garden then consider the numerous benefits of using pavers. Besides the obvious aesthetic appeal of thoughtfully designed paved areas, garden pavers are long lasting and low maintenance and hence reduce the time you have to spend in your garden. Pavers can also be used in your garden to provide walkways and paths to direct visitors, thus protecting your garden and visitors from possible injury.

Using Pavers To Landscape Your Garden

Garden pavers and stones can be used for a variety of purposes around you home garden including  walkways, garden beds and surrounds,  entertainment areas, and retaining walls. Below are some tips as to how you might use pavers around your garden.

Walkways And Garden Paths

Garden pavers are often used to create  pathways or walkways and  guide people through your garden. A well designed garden pathway can be visually stunning but also an important safety feature for visitors visiting you home at night.  The use of garden lights to highlight the edge of your garden walkway can be a beautiful night feature while making the walkway safer to use.

The design you choose should be influenced by the design of your home. For example use straight lines and hard edges for a modern look, or meandering stone pavers for a natural, rustic appearance. Your pathway may be constructed with or without  gaps between the pavers. If you choose to have gaps between your garden pavers then you may like to join the pavers together using cement, or fill the gaps with pebbles or plants, such as grass or moss.

Garden Beds

Pavers can be used in your garden to create edging around your garden beds. In addition to the aesthetic benefits, paved edging helps reduce erosion and protect your garden from being trampled on.  You can also use pavers to create raised garden beds, which will help you create great soil, ideal for vegetable and flower gardens or to separate different plant species from one another, by creating borders around certain types of plants.

Entertainment Areas

Pavers are ideal for outdoor / garden entertainment areas such as patios, pergolas, courtyards and terraces, as they provide a sturdy, functional and safe surface for entertaining people. Their long life span, durability and low maintenance in all climates make them a popular choice, especially with the increased popularity of entertaining friends and family outdoors.

For your next garden landscaping project consider the different ways pavers could be used to transform your garden and home. With the incredible range of pavers available on the market today, there is a paver that will suit virtually any home, and will help enhance the appeal and value your home.