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Patio pavers refer to a paver used for paving an outdoor patio area. Paving has become a popular choice when choosing a surface for a patio areas, as it is affordable, functional, durable, requires low maintenance and is visually attractive. While it is not as cheap as poured concrete / limestone surfaces, it is a more flexible surface and does not crack and is much cheaper and easier to repair.

Patio pavers are generally made from either concrete (concrete paver), clay (brick paver) or natural stone (stone paver) and come in a huge range of shapes, sizes and colours to suit any patio paving idea or design you may have. As you patio area is usually used as an area to entertain people, it is recommended to choose a patio that is regular in shape and size and for this reason concrete and brick pavers can be a better option that natural stone pavers. It is also important that you paver is strong, durable and easily cleaned.

Sealing your patio pavers with a good sealant will reduce possible staining as well as wear and tear on your pavers. A sealant will also help the pavers maintain their original look and  protect them from fading in the harsh Australian climate.  You may also need to clean you patio pavers periodically to prevent the build up of grime, algae or moss, particularly if your patio area is a little damp during the winter months. There are many suitable cleaners for cleaning you pavers, however you can often use cleaning products used for cleaning you home for this purpose.

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