Paving Ideas To Enhance Your Home

Home Paving Ideas – Different Patterns & Designs

Landscaping your outdoor areas with pavers can be a great way to enhance your home as well as providing low maintenance, functionality. When looking for paving ideas that suit you best it is important to consider the existing landscaping and design of your home but also the intended purpose of the paved area. For example flat, regular pavers will generally suit entertainment areas and light coloured pavers will be cooler to walk on in hot weather.

In choosing which paver best suits your needs one of our main aims it to have something that “looks good” and enhances the appearance of your home. However in terms of visual impact and appeal it can be just as important to choose the right layout or pattern for your pavers. Below is an explanation of some of the common types of paving layouts or patterns, which hopefully help provide some alternate paving ideas;

Stretcher-bond or Running-bond Paving

Stretcher-bond or Running bond is the simplest paving pattern to lay and hence is the most popular. It consists of laying all your pavers in one direction. Start by laying one row of pavers side by side from one end to the other. Then lay the 2nd row, with each paver overlapping the pavers from the previous row.  Laying the pavers lengthways in an area will make the area appear smaller, while laying across the area will make it appear larger. Often this paving pattern is complimented by using a border of pavers laid perpendicular (short side of the paver known as header course) to the direction of the Stretcher-bond pattern.

Basket weave Paving

This paving design or pattern looks similar to a woven basket hence it’s name. It consists of 2 rectangular pavers laid horizontally together (form a square), followed by 2 pavers laid vertically, and so on in a repeating pattern. The use of contrasting coloured brick can help create a more visually appealing design. It is best suited to  square or rectangular areas as difficult cutting is required when using in curved areas.

Herringbone Paving

One of the most popular paving ideas and striking pattern is herringbone, which is fairly straight forward to lay and looks great even when the same colour paver is used throughout. It consists of rectangular pavers laid in alternate diagonal courses and can be laid at either 90 or 45 degrees. The herringbone pattern is a strong interlocking style that is well suited to trafficable areas and fits easily into irregular shaped areas.

Radial Paving

Radial paving is a complex paving pattern consisting of rings of pavers, radiating out from a central point. There are several different paving designs used, one consists of alternate rings of header (short side of paver) and stretcher (long side of paver) courses of paving.

When looking for paving ideas that will help transform your home it’s important to not only select the right type of paver but also just as important to select the paving design or pattern that suits the intended use of the area and creates the best visual appeal.