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Garden pavers can be used for a variety of purposes around ones home garden, including guidance for foot traffic, entertainment and to enhance the visual appeal of your garden. Garden paving used for pathways and walkways provides direction to guide people from one location to another and can enhance safety for visitors.  Garden pavers used around courtyards, pergolas and patios, where you might entertain visitors can provide a stable and practical surface, that is easy to clean and maintain. Pavers used around the garden are often used to improve the appearance of your garden and there are many creative garden paving ideas you could use to provide a striking and distinctive appearance for your garden.

With outdoor garden pavers being exposed to the elements, they can become dirty or develop moss and algae growth. To help maintain the look and safe use of your garden pavers it is recommended that they are cleaned regularly. There is a large range of cleaning product available for cleaning pavers and often some common home cleaning products can be used for this purpose.

Applying a sealing coat to your garden pavers will help prevent staining and maintain the paver’s original colouration. Glossy sealers will help protect the pavers from wear and tear and harsh weather conditions. You can re-seal your pavers  whenever they are looking a little tired and it will give them a real lift.

If you are looking for unique and eye-catching garden paving ideas for your home garden, then Vienna Cobble™ is an outstanding choice. Regardless of whether you’re searching for garden pavers for you’re a garden pathway, entertainment area or simply to enhance the appearance of your garden,  our European designed cobblestone is an elegant, functional and unique garden paver. Vienna Cobble™  can be used as an stylish paving feature on its own or in conjunction with other types of pavers. Explore our website for some great garden paving ideas and examples on how Vienna Cobble™ can be installed in your garden.