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Enhance Your Home With Vienna Cobble™ , Cobblestone Pavers


If you are looking for paving ideas and designs with a unique and striking appearance that will transform your home or commercial property, then Europave’s  cobblestone pavers (Vienna Cobble™) are a stunning and beautiful alternative. Whether you’re looking for pavers for your pool, driveway, garden, walkway or patio our timeless, elegant, cobblestone will transform your outdoor living area and bring a touch of European elegance and style to your home. Vienna Cobble™ also makes an attractive feature when used in conjunction with other types of pavers.

Manufactured from a concrete and limestone aggregate mix, with different oxides used to provide a range of colours, Vienna Cobble™ is durable, low-maintenance and easy to install.  Each individual cobblestone is linked together with nylon cord, to form cobble sheets of approximately 1.2m by 0.4m in size. They can also be easily bent to fit most curved areas, hence eliminating the need for expensive and dangerous cutting equipment and again making the whole installation process that much easier.

Vienna Cobble™ is an affordable and superior alternative to imported granite stone pavers that have been traditionally used to create cobblestone pavers. Here’s 5 reasons why… More

  1. Because of the ease of installing Vienna Cobble™  compared to granite stone pavers, which must individually be cemented in, Vienna Cobble™  is usually a third or a quarter of the price of granite pavers to have installed by a landscaper or brick paving company.
  2. Vienna Cobble™ is also competitively priced, with imported granite stone pavers, and comes in a range of colours, shapes and sizes to suit virtually any shaped area and design.
  3. Granite pavers are cemented in so that any movement in the paved area can result in the cement cracking, whereas for Vienna Cobble we recommend you use either jointing sand filler (e.g. Pave-lok) or Cracker Dust – both of which are more flexible than cement and hence won’t crack with movement in the pavers.
  4. Because they are manufactured, they are uniform in size, shape and colour and hence are much easier to repair or replace, when required.
  5. Vienna Cobble™ is much cooler underfoot, than granite pavers and hence is a better option for areas where you anticipate foot traffic, such as walkways, paths and pool areas.

To infill the gaps between the cobbletones we recommend either Cracker Dust or Pave-Lok Gel Set. Pave-Lok is lightly bonded jointing sand specially formulated to allow rapid filling of vertical joints between flexible pavers. The benefits of Pave-Lok is that it helps retain integrity and stability of the joint, minimises rain and wind erosion, retards weed growth and is quick and easy to apply.

Cracker Dust is a fine crushing of local blue metal, also known as Crusher Dust or Blue Metal Dust. It is considerably cheaper than Pave-Lok and also more porous, hence suits areas requiring good water drainage, such as an area where you want to park and wash a boat. Some people also prefer the colour of Cracker Dust (Grey) versus the sandstone colour of Pave-Lok. Cracker Dust is more prone to weeds and is not suited to sloped areas where heavy runoff will wash the material free.

We recommended that a good quality sealant should be applied to the Cobble, after installation. A sealant helps protect the cobble from scratching, chipping and stains. Alternatively many choose not to use a sealant so that the cobblestone has a more rustic, natural appearance.

As mentioned, Vienna Cobble™ is quick and easy to install. If you are considering installing our Cobblestone Pavers yourself please refer to our Paving Installation instructions. Please note that if you are wanting to cement in the cobblestone, that we only recommend Pave-lok and that installation issues have occurred when using some other similar products.

You can purchase our Cobblestone Pavers and Pave-lok direct from our Perth, Neerabup-based  factory, as well as through Europave’s retail partners across Perth, WA and selected locations within Australia (for a current list of our authorised resellers please visit the resellers page).

Bring a touch of European style and elegance to your home, today, with Europave’s beautiful Vienna Cobble™ !

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